abf insulation

ABC insulation

Application & Advantages

Technical Details

Residential Insulation Application

Garageand Shade


HVAC/AC Ducting

Water Tank

Roof Tnsulation

Industrial Insulation Application

Container Insulation

Mobile House Insulation

Car Insulation

Metal Roofing

Supportive/Duct Insulation

PEB Insulation

Industry Wise Advantages

The Roofing Industry

The need is to cut down the heat from the largest exposed surface area. Integrating GOLDCOIN’s Reflective Insulation into any conventional – single or multi layered roofing systems provides efficient and comfortable working environment across industries The benefit of integration by the roofing solutions-provider helps deliver a better wholesome solution for the end user.

The Agriculture / Dairy / Poultry Farming Industries

All these industries comprise of buildings such as stables, barns and crop stores which are exposed to major stresses. Transpiration and excretions from animals, exhaust fumes from agriculture vehicles, high levels of humidity and condensation affect the building construction along with existing weather conditions. In all the above, it makes immense sense to first keep the heat out while retaining acceptable moisture content in order to provide a conducive working environment for both humans and animals.

The Textile / Dyeing / Garment / Engineering Industries

All these even today work with two common factors – a mix of old and new heat producing machinery and equipment and second, a large human workforce. To ensure better working environment inside, GOLDCOIN’s Reflective Insulation works best to primarily cut down external heat gain by above 90% making it more effective for a more workable environment.

The Food / Hospitality Industries

Insulation is a key concern especially for the low temperature preservation of food during processing, storage and distribution across the supply chain – which can save as much as fifty percent of valuable food that would otherwise rot before it is packed, processed or consumed.

The Pharma / Electronic Industries

Hygiene and HVAC energy conservation is of key importance for many processes that require controlled temperatures, better working temperatures, controlled environment conditions especially in the pharmaceutical and the electronic industries. The application of GOLDCOIN’s Reflective Insulation can ensure the right amount of moisture retention along with keeping out unwanted heat which only creates unfavorable breeding of unhygienic conditions.

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