Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Basics:

Mechanical vibration and vibration-induced noise are common sources of occupant complaints in modern buildings. Vibration is caused by reciprocating motion from rotating components within mechanical equipment. All reciprocating, or rotating equipment should be isolated to reduce transmission of vibration into the structure. Anji Engineering Solutions Control provides technical assistance in the selection and specification of tailor-made isolation systems and vibration isolation products that enable building owners to install complex heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems without the worry of vibration problems.

If you have a Vibration Issue:

Isolator deflections shown in the following pages are based on the recommended isolator type, base type, and minimum static deflection are reasonable and safe recommendations for most HVAC equipment installations. Additional assistance from one of our many qualified representatives or acoustical consultants can also be very useful in resolving these problems.

Engineering Expertise:

Building codes are constantly updated with stricter requirements for seismic, wind and blast protection. Anji Engineering Solutions offers a complete line of restrained vibration isolators to satisfy current building code requirements as well as complete engineering support. Our highly skilled engineering staff focuses on labor savings and constructability in line with current directions in mechanical construction. We offer streamlined and cost effective engineered solutions along with professional and structural engineering stamps to meet any specification requirements in all 50 states. Kinetics’ unsurpassed expertise will ensure success with highly complex hospital, government and military projects as well as

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