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With Anji Engineering Solutions, we support the customers and provide them with the best acoustic equipment which has emerged as the lifeline in different industries. The efforts of the team show up in every product that we design and the focus remains on their requirements and preferences in every respect. With complete assurance about the quality of products, customers have posed their trust on the Acoustic Products of this India based company over the years. Over the period the company has expanded its range of products and is into innovation at every stage. In fact, the company also represents some of the best brands of engineering products and we have a list of customers that have provided acclaim to our strategic approach to work.

Why Choosing Us
The company has moved on with the expertise of some of the best professionals in the field of engineering which has the ability to embark on a new path. Anji Engineering Solutions is has associated itself with some of the most famous projects and it is not surprising that it intends to bring in better projects which lies in the pipeline. It is one of the leading providers of Acoustic Products which is used in different industries. Initiating the operations just a few days back, we have created a thrust with our products and services.

Acousitc Louvers

Noishield and Slimshield acoustic louvers from IAC Acoustics reduce noise pollution from plant cooling towers, boiler rooms, and air handling systems in all types of buildings, including power stations, chemical treatment plants and offshore applications. Our acoustic louver solutions from will help to combat environmental noise problems that affect mixed, commercial and residential areas. Our acoustic louver panels and acoustic grilles reduce noise from a wide variety of applications that include:

* Fresh air intakes for ventilation systems
* Mechanical equipment screens
* Noise attenuation solutions for roof top plant rooms
* Acoustic barriers and screens
* Process air intakes
* Cooling tower inlet attenuators and screens

Should none of our standard range of silencers meet your requirements we will develop one for you. If you have a special requirement, please contact us and our specialist team will be able to provide you with a bespoke solution. IAC Acoustics Duct Attenuator Range of Products.

We design and manufacture duct attenuators in response to specific requirements from acoustical consultants, consulting engineers, owners and contractors. Our duct silencers provide the most economical choice for solving the wide diversity of noise control problems encountered in HVAC engineering.

IAC standard rectangular duct attenuator cross sections range from 150mm x 150mm (6in. x 6in.) to 1200mm x 1200mm (48in. x 48in.). For small mains, branches and duct run outs there are module sizes to fit every need. When large silencer banks are required, multiple-module assemblies can be arranged to provide almost limitless dimensional flexibility.

Acoustic Drainage Pipe

Our drainage system is engineered to meet the demands of the increased call for acoustic systems over the past decade.

This triple layer pipe system is easy to install, with specially developed co-polymer polypropylene layers and acoustically engineered fittings that effectively dampen both airborne noise and sound transmitted through the building structure. It's especially well-suited to large, multi-occupancy buildings such as apartment developments, student accommodation and hotels.

It can be used both in new developments and in refurbishment projects. It's highly resistant to impact, even at low temperatures, and has demonstrated excellent resistance to corrosion across a wide range of chemical agents and temperatures.

Features & Benefits
• Excellent sound proofing characteristics
• Elevated mechanical and corrosion resistance
• Highly resistant to impact, even at low temperatures
• Working temperatures from 0ºC to 95ºC
• Compatible with our full range of Terrain drainage systems

Reduction of noise inside the pipeline and its transmission to its surroundings
The triple soundproof layer system puts different material media in the way of the propagating noise, which causes partial absorption of sound waves and their partial reflection inwards and significantly reduces transmission to their surroundings. The absorbed and reflected waves cause acoustic resonance of pipes and fittings. The greater height inside the building, the more dynamically the resonance increases towards the flowing waste water and is transmitted through the fixing system onto the building’s structure. Construction barriers subject to the acoustic resonance transmission cause its transmission to neighboring rooms in the form of sound waves. The Marley blue system’s structure along with fixing clips is responsible for the maximum reduction of this acoustic phenomenon. The acceptable noise level in the above mentioned rooms (a living room, a hospital ward, bedroom or a hotel room) is set at the national acoustic safety standards for buildings. Hence these are the places that are particularly protected against noise at the design stage. In contrast, kitchens and bathrooms are the places where pipes are usually located. But here the noise coming from the soil and waste system is negligible compared with the equipment normally operating in these rooms so it is not subject to limitations to the same degree as the above mentioned rooms designed for frequent stay.

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors are engineered to prevent a specific amount of sound from passing through a door. They have been common in loud environment such as manufacturing facilities and music studios for decades. But they are growing increasingly popular in office buildings too. A few benefits of a quieter workplace include higher productivity, less sick time, and higher employee retention.

Acoustic Doors Reduce Sound Transmission
The professional capability of an acoustic door is not limited to locations where sound is a premium - they reduce sound transmission, which can be effective in many other environments. For example, they can be useful for creating privacy and eliminating sounds in hospitals, retirement homes, lecture halls, offices and sports halls, as well as for hotels and accommodation.

The need for privacy in domestic situations also means that acoustic doors can be installed to improve the privacy of individual flats or apartments within a building. Particularly since 2003, although not regulated, private buildings are expected to address reasonable noise transmission within the walls. As such, the thickness of the walls combined with the application of a steel acoustic door can produce effective noise control, reducing noise complaints and resulting in harmonious neighborhoods.

Steel Acoustic Doors Offer Security
A key feature of acoustic doors is that they double up as security doors. Music studios need to contain sound in order to provide the cleanest sounding recordings. The ability to isolate each instrument leads to cleaner production. Additionally, these are places with an extremely high inventory of niche and expensive equipment. This means that their equipment runs the risk of being stolen. A steel door provides the dual benefit of reducing noise transmission and protecting the space it closes off.

With an acoustic steel door in place, any music studio, recording studio, radio or television premises is covering their insurance by ensuring that the contents are protected. This extends to private premises also: anywhere that omits noise, requires privacy and/or holds valuables is worth acoustic door consideration. Each door we make is bespoke, meaning that you can add additional safety features such as coded locking, limiting accessibility to code holders only.


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