Anji Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the leading organizations supplying high-end security solutions to industries. The company gained extensive popularity and the trust of clients who require quality and top-grade products at affordable rates. We function under technical experts with far-reaching knowledge of technical products and have business knowhow. Due to our dedication towards customers we have achieved big breakthroughs when handling the projects of clients. Within a very short period from its inception, we have established our expertise in supplying gate motors and various other security solutions.
We have also ventures into gate automation with various devices to meet the requirements and preferences of the clients. Realizing the manifold benefits of gate motors and the highly sought after methods to fulfil the security requirements of various industries, we represent the best brands to enhance the security of your premises.
  • The sliding gate motor is a specially-designed product to meet the requirements of customers. Users can operate the motor manually, with a switch or electrically. Packed with a variety of features to meet your requirements from thermal to safety sensor, the products lend an experience to pull up the security of different organizations. The device is especially designed to operate sliding gates. The sliding gate automation system is serving the security of industries appropriately. The motors we supply to the clients are highly beneficial for the heavy gates of factories. With varying weights and features, you can choose any product from our extensive collection of products provide security to your industrial premises.
  • The automatic boom barriers exit at the entry and exit points of various industrial units and corporate entities. With the barrier gates, industries can limit the entry of vehicles and pedestrians. For all those industrial units trying to get high-quality security solutions can install the boom barrier gates regardless of the atmosphere of installation. We at Anji Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd supply boom barriers with varying accessories and lengths. The models we offer come packed with the facility of manual and automatic operations, based on the model you choose.
  • We also specialize in offering swing gate motor that were prevalent in the west for many years. Usually, the motor comes with an extended and synchronized arms that are conveniently attached to the swing gates. We have created path-breaking solutions to provide security to business premises and large industrial entities. For us, quality has always stayed the priority so we offer motors with sophisticated designs and in varying capacities for taking bigger loads with ease. We also stock roller swing gate motors for quick and easy installation.
  • At Anji Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd, we understand that security is not a luxury but a necessity. So, we are happy to bring you the latest in technology, which is the video door phone. With a diverse range of high-quality products that are designed to meet your needs, customers can boost the security of homes and corporate entities. The video door phones with wireless and LCD monitors can meet the requirements of customers. From picture recording to voice changer, the video door phones come with various stylish features to boost the security of homes. 

Anji Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the few companies offering a wide range of security solutions to customers. Each product we offer comes with elegant designs and a multitude of features. The highly-skilled engineering staff in our organisation has knowledge to minimise the cost of labour for every project. The unparalleled skills of our engineering experts ensure success of every project we cater for our industrial and military clients. With high level of commitment to understand the preferences of customers, we are trying to pioneer into different fields that require precision and accuracy.

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