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We are keen concern towards establishing and maintaining an outstanding position in various industries and with motive to give importance to factors such as quality, distribution network, on-time delivery, storage facility, reasonable prices and ethical practices. We have a team of professionals who keep us abreast with new market strategies and perspective towards all possibilities that can help to expand our business exponentially. All these facets succor to serve the clients in a prompt and efficient manner where total satisfaction of the customer is our motto.

We always ensure full participation of our employees in achieving our objectives. Open management policies and transparent business arrangements are the areas that carry special precedence. It is because of cognizance that imparts a character to successfully compete with this dynamic, volatile, and highly competitive world. We want to be grown and expanded widely, adding to the satisfaction of our audiences and want to spread wonders with services so that we will stride ahead with great confidence in future. We are confined to increase our volumes across every part of the value chain and quadruple our value in the market. The company has a huge gathering of spectator for its positive and vigorous growth in any areas of interest.

The future entices the pledge for immense challenges. The present is giving us the strength to thrust ahead. We are optimistic about our zeal towards serving the optimum services and qualities in products.

Our Products

PPRC Pipe and Fittings produced from PP (Polypropylene Random Copoylmer) raw material according DIN 8077, DIN 8078, DVGW W544 standards indispensable solution for today’s indoor cold and hot water piping systems has advantages such as its lightweight and smoothness, smooth and bright internal surfaces, calcification and rust-free, hygienic, easy to assembly and takes the place of galvanized pipes.

Used in any kind of indoor hot and cold water pipe systems, PPRC Pipe and Fittings are produced from the Type-3 class raw material, also called as PP-R (Polypropylene Random Copolymer).


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