Application, Advantages, Features and Ideal for XLPE FOAM


HVAC Duct Insulation

HVAC Duct Insulation

HVAC Tube Insulation

Cold Storage Insulation

Ware House Insulation

Sports & Packaging

Sports & Packaging

Sports & Packaging

XLPE Available Product Range

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Thickness : 2mm to as per requirement
Width: 1200mm
Lengh: Roll/Sheet
Density: 33 +- 3 kg/m3
Color: as per requirement


1. Available in various thicknesses and width as per customer requirement.
2. Customized density available as per your requirement
3. Material available as a (FR) Fire Retardant as per BS-476 Part 6 & Part 7 respectively
4. Available with various factory applied lamination such as MET PET film, Aluminum Foil One Side & Both Side.
5. Available with adhesive release paper

Technical Details

PropertyTHERMbarrier Typical ValuesTest Method
Material descriptionFire retardant, closed cell, chemically crosslinked polyethylene 
Material formRolls, sheets and tubing 
ApplicationThermal & Acoustic Insulation 
Area of applicationsA/c Humidification ducts, Spandrel insulation, Underdeck, Hot & cold water pipelines & acoustic flooring 
Operating temperature-40° C to + 115° C 
Thermal stabilityLess than 5 % shrinkage at 90° C for 24 hours 
ColourGrey, Natural, (Customised upon customer request) 
Nominal density (Kg/m3)33 ± 3kg/m3(Customised upon customer request)BS 4370 Part 1
Thermal conductivity (W/m°K)Mean Temperature (°C)W/m°kK Cal/hr m°cIS:3346 / 1980
 23° C0.03280.0282 
 46° C0.03830.0329 
Water absorption<1.2 %ASTM D 1056-98
Water vapour permeance (28 days)<6×10-3 ngASTM E-96
Water vapour transmission  
(7 Days)Negligible 
(28 Days)<1100 μg / m2s 
Water vapour resistance factor (μ)Plain>11000DIN 52615
 Aluminum foil face one side> 14000 
2 Tensile strength (N/m2)Min. 25BS 4370 Part 2
Dimensional stabilityNo visible changes observedBS 4370 Part 1
RH-60%, temp 35° C for 24 hrs.  
Volume percentage of closed cell>90%BS 4370 Part 2
Oxygen index, %29 – 34ASTM D 2863
Fire characteristica) Surface spread of flameClass 1BS 476 Part 7
 (For both plain and foil faced material) 
 b) Fire propagationClass 0BS 476 Part 6
 (for aluminium foil faced material only) 
Resistance to chemicalsNo effectASTM C 543
(for both mild acidic & alkaline)  
Sound transmission class40dbIS:9301 / ISO 140 /ASTM E 413
(9 MM THERMbarrier laminated with 12 mm gypsum board) 
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